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Australia's leading Cyber
​Security Forensic Investigator solving real Cybercrime in real crisis situations.
Providing the courts with expert testimony backed by 21 years of expert experience and knowledge that is higher than the average expert.
With an interest in Automation, Machine Learning, Cryptography, IoT and Smart Cities, eVestigator® is bringing us safely into the next generation of sophisticated computing.
Simon Smith, the Principal of Official Intelligence Pty. Ltd is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP®) - recognised by the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium C4®

Top Cybersecurity Investigator & Expert Witness in Australia

Simon Smith is well-known Cyber and Technology Expert Witness, Investigator and Computer Forensics Fraud Examiner in the Australian media and has been featured on SBS (3), Sky News (Cable), Today (9), ABC (2), A Current Affair (9), The Project (10), radio, print, online and abroad many times. Keynote Accomplishments Mr. Smith is an upfront, say it how it is, very informed cyber investigative expert, hands on practitioner and speaker and trainer.

With 21 years Industry Experience, Simon Smith is a well articulated and trusted Expert Witness with countless experience and expertise that comes natural to him. He is a Senior Cyber Security Expert - ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ITIL®, Certified Bitcoin Professional - CBP®, cases involving High-tech Blockchain, Programming and Reverse Engineering, Software IP disputes, Fraud, Dark Web, Computer Cybercrime, Cyberstalking (especially Family Law), Cyber Attacks (Insurance Disputes), Cybergrooming cases, Cyber Terrorism, Cyberbullying, Cyber Harassment, and online defamation. He is a hands on successful Frontline Cyber Crisis Expert, Resilience Expert and has solved over $80m of cold cases and over 500 Cybercrimes that police could not solve.

Official Intelligence founded by

Simon Smith

GISO, Simon Smith of Official Intelligence Pty. Ltd, is the founder, first responder and Snr. Cyber Security Investigator & Smart City Officer known as eVestigator®. He has been labelled by SecurityNow’s Ken Hess as perhaps the “World's Best Investigator”. He is a proud member of the ACFE, CMIE, VSCL, IASA, IEEE, AISA, C4, ANZSOC, NMAS and more.

Basic overview


His achievements in Cybersecurity/Cybercrime Forensic Investigations and Software Engineering of 21 yrs+ combined with Expert Witness Services, Resilience training, Frontline Crisis Response & Digital Forensics is miraculous.

 There is not an IT/Cyber/Security role Mr. Smith has not audited. Also a Mediator, Counter Intelligence Social Engineer and PI, he has solved High-tech cold cases, and been asked to assist US & UK Police.

He has combined skills in Criminology, Forensics, Dark Web, Blockchain, Cryptography, identifying criminals, and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP®), an expert in Software Engineering, ITIL®, AI/CRM/IoT & much more. Hhe consults in Cybersecurity, Programming, Expert Evidence, Investigations & more. With over 11 PostGrad Quals, he also maintains US DHS Nationally Recognised Certifications & more.

How it all began

Simon Smith has been programming since the tender age of 11 years old. Throughout his young professional life, he had an accelerated start and achieved what many people may call impossible. He is currently a successful, well-known Australian Digital Forensics Software Engineer and Cyber Security Expert Witness and Investigator. His combination of skill sets arises from over 21 years of industry experience on top of a youthful array of teenage achievements including being placed at the top
of the country in his IT certification results and straight into industry as an Analyst Programmer. He was taught the 'right' way, the way an Analyst owns the full role, inclusive of the SDLC. So that should give you an idea of the type of work Mr. Smith is up to at the moment when he is not giving expert opinion, reports or testimony, working on client specific cybercrimes, protecting Corporations with resilience processes, or working on specific R&D innovative programming and solutions.

From there...

At the young age of just 22 years old, he was lecturing after work in Advanced .NET programming, invited to train popular courses at University in advanced Software Engineering, and shortly thereafter in addition to this and working full time still since 18, running a successful international standalone enterprise software business at the forefront of IoT technology for major hospital networks in the US. 
An Entrepreneur was born

At this point Simon had already made a name for himself, but he did not stop there.

Create cutting edge technology

Simon starts with the IoT back 19 years ago

In addition to full time work as a full stack SDLC Systems Analyst Programmer, and lecturer of Advanced Programming at Swinburne University after hours, Mr. Smith created businesses and software. The software Mr. Smith creates is always 'the first' or on the cutting edge of new technologies. This software was one of the first, if not the first that interfaced with digital dictation devices natively, writing drivers for physical foot pedals, and software for complete Hospital Management Systems.
The digital transcription industry was just taking off and he found himself writing API and SDKs for digital transcription devices and vendors making plug-ins to popular software such as Windows Media Player, Real One, VLC, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and other popular internet web browsers, then interfacing direct via an inventive unique way through the Win32 API to trigger JavaScript connectivity, (essentially API for programmers) COM interfaces, iTunes and more. 

Simon creates a new industry

Then he does it again, this time on a larger scale

His digital dictation software also led him into the realm of VOIP and streaming audio capture and workflow management. The system then grew to an entire hospital automated digital dictation and transcription reliable setup which processed over a million minutes of medical dictation. Further, he developed a Pocket PC Windows CE based digital dictation proprietary voice recording and workflow system that the physicians would take with them whilst reviewing x-rays or will use to dictate after an appointment or during/after surgery.
It was at this time that Simon opened up a highly successful vertical market enterprise training organisation as CEO and shortly worth millions, and then did it again on a scale 1,000 times larger. After that, he became a licensed investigator, mediator and FDRP. During that period, whilst he was waiting for the Government to catch up to him with his training organisation status which was finally granted both at the start and on appeal with the delay being Mr. Smith's first direct glimpse at Government corruption which sparked another interest and specialty.