Because I was afraid to lose him I did so!

I am a 31year old writer and entrepreneur.

I have been a practicing Christian since I was 12 years old and about to commit suicide. I had been chronically depressed for several years due incestuous abuse between ages of 6 and 8. My aunt found me before I kicked the bucket and I was taken to a born-again relative who led me to confess Christ as my Lord and saviour. I remember thinking to myself, “So this is what Joy feels like.” It was that foreign an emotion to me.

I was desperate for attention

I tasted Hell on earth, I only experienced the tip of the iceberg but I never want to go to Hell because of what I went through.

Going into high school I was desperate for attention, I was also the girl that would just say "there is no God."( I didn't really have a relationship with my dad).

I lived a luke-warm christian life

Hey, im a 20 year old, born again and blessed, I'm inspired by the stories I've read here n just like theyv touched my life I hope mine gives someone out there hope that there is a God

I lived a luke warm christian life being one leg in Christ and the other out, I knw whats right and whats not but I jst pushed it at the back of my mind. times when life got hard or I got in trouble is when id go running to the lord Id feel so guilty that I went to him only when I needed him I cudnt even face him n dint see the point of praying but God is faithfull he still loved me and kept me.

I found myself pregnant

My name is Honey, and I'd like to share with you my story. In 1984, I was 2 years out of high school, living with my boyfriend, (I'll call him Joe) and I found myself pregnant. At first, we were excited, because we thought were in love. The fact that we weren't married didn't seem to matter. After hearing different opinions, Joe told his boss, who felt we were crazy for even thinking we could take care of a child when we could barely take care of ourselves. Joe and I were not very responsible with money.

His voice was so far away

At the time I had a great job, drove a cute car, lived near the beach, yaddie yadda..dated rich men... was deep into mental anguish of torment from the bulimia, from the fornication... i had many 'open' relationships, some even got highly paid for some. All shameful stuff. Oh. I was trying to attend church on Sundays with a friend. Craziness.

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