I was terrified a bit for the check up

HIV Your testimony: I am very inspired with this site. I greet you all in the name of Jesus. I am 26 years old, I started to live alone and work when I was 23 after finished my university. I had different relationship with different men for the reason of want more money and sometimes just for fun.

Last year when I was working at a hotel I had a relationship with this guy from Uganda we had unprotected sex at the same time I was in sexual relationship with another guy from Malawi. I am Tanzanian. But we had safe sex later on he was insisting much I must doing check-up for HIV as he said he loves me and he want a strong relationship with me even to have a kid.

I was terrified a bit for the check up because I knew how I slept with a lot of guys. He insisted I went on August 2015 they said I have HIV. I was shocked very much I remember how my family depends on me, I started think of death and was not sleeping at all but Jesus is my saviour.

I started went to church frequently my faith was much uplifted I know am not sick. I know I don’t have that disease because Jesus healed me. I now left every bad behaviour and Jesus is continuing to bless me. Amen

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