My son is a living testimony

My son little Alonzo is a living testimony.

Little Alonzo is severely autistic (neurological disorder) in march of 2015, he was at o.s.u. Hospital in i.c.u. Fighting for his life, he was really sick with multiple ailments. I sent e-mails to various churches in different states requesting prayer for my autistic son. My son actually got extremely ill while in the hospital in i.c.u. Perhaps because of a bad judgement decision from the doctors or medical staff, he ended up with pneumonia, and mercer while he was in i.c.u. His health was deteriorating from day to day while he was in i.c.u. He was hooked up to a ventilator to help support his breathing, his breathing rate was so low he couldn’t sustain a proper normal breathing rate on his own. He had to have a tracheotomy, because the doctors said he couldn’t be on the ventilator more then 21 (twenty-one) days. He was hooked up to a feeding tube through his nose, he was hooked up to a Foley catheter, and a bowel catheter. They had to have him hooked up to a heart monitor, because of heart failure. He was running really high fevers daily. He kept suffering from priapism frequently as a result of the medications, and he kept having high blood pressure readings, again due to the medications he was given in i.c.u. He was labelled as a complexed patient by the doctors, and they sent his DNA to California to be research. The doctors said his medications metabolized in his system very fast. Doctors also suggested he had to be taken off all his psychotic medications, because it could be detrimental, and fatal to his life. One of the doctors has talked to me and my wife about our autistic son, he mentions we should consider giving up on our son, in other words throwing in the towel sorter speak. This doctor felt that our son would be extremely irritable, and uncomfortable with a trach in his neck. Judging by his pass history of self-injury to his neck, it would be difficult to keep him from getting to the trach and pulling it out, and it would be very difficult to keep him calm. This doctor realize our son’s autism is a major factor in exhibiting elevated behaviours and discomfort, and being autistic is not going to be a easy task limiting him to just his bed.

Me and my wife attended a conference meeting with my son’s case worker, behaviour specialist, doctors, and nurses. The doctors, and nurses discussed and talk about what is best for our son little Alonzo while he was in i.c.u. One of the doctors has mentioned that our son couldn’t be on the ventilator more than twenty-one days, and they would have to proceed with the tracheotomy procedure if not he will not survive. The doctor also mentioned that he will have the tracheotomy for about two months, and he will be very weak, and face complications. As I mentioned earlier, I sent e-mail prayer request in different states for my son, and I quote “pray for a miracle for my son, he needs to be healed”. Guest what my payer has been answered, god has proved the doctors wrong, god has the last word. God is an awesome god, he is a powerful god, he can move mountains, and split the big wide red sea. There is nothing he cannot do, he can do the impossible, he’s impeccable, he’s perfect. I love my god. He may not come when you need him, but he’s always on time. He turned my son’s situation around. My son had a trach for only about a week. His progress was showing very positive results, and he was getting stronger every day. No weapon formed against my son shall prosper in Jesus name covered in his blood. My son is a living testimony, and he’s god’s child. God gave me and my wife my son for a purpose. In fact, my son is a birthday present from god to my wife, my wife was born October the 11th, and my son was born October the 12th, a day after my wife’s birthday, my son is a special gift from god, and I don’ t think that was just a coincidence. God won’t give you more than you can handle, and certainly he doesn’t make any mistakes. He’s an accurate, precise, and perfect god. Nothing and no one can interfere or stand in the way of what god planned for me to take care of my autistic child, it’s just no way. No matter how hard the adversary tries, it will not work.

My son is going from agency to agency, it is becoming more and more obvious to me that it is so hard to fine trustworthy and sincere people to work with my son. No one can feel me and my wife’s pain and our cries; but god, only he knows what we’re going through. From my past experience people has lied, conspired against me in order to set me up. My son has his own apartment under supervision and support by two staff around the clock 24/7. I was one of his staff taking care of my son, this is the way me and my wife wanted it from the start, from the time it was first introduced to us. My son’s case worker suggested to me and my wife to consider putting my son in his own apartment setting so me and my wife decided on giving it a try only under our conditions. That we live close by in our own apartment, we can check up on him periodically, and me being part of his staff in his apartment, and be his eyes, his ears, voice, and his advocate for him, because my autistic son is nonverbal. Within 2015 we were with four different home health care provider services all which we had bad experiences with. There were no integrity and honesty but deception, and deceit.

The first agency that we terminated services for my son that was not providing quality care for my son, and not doing what they supposed to do, and keeping him safe. Our son was with this agency for four and a half years. After the second year their service started to decline. My son was starting to display really strange aggressive behaviours, and his behaviours was getting worse and worse especially when this agency got their thirty-day notice of the termination of their service. I seriously felt they were deliberately giving my son sugar, and caffeine even though, i specifically told them not to. My son is already very, energetic, and have aggressive behaviour issues. They were given him cookies, apple pies, candy, and coke soda which had caffeine in it, and god knows what else. On one strange occasion i notice a package containing capsule supplement pills on the top of my son’s kitchen cabinet. They were red, and white capsules, and they were actually some type of energy booster capsules. My question is what are they doing in my son’s apartment, and how they got there. I immediately documented and brought it to my son’s case worker attention alone with the red and white energy booster capsules, but was not further looked into. The second agency we thought was a good choice for my son was not. They couldn’t provide my son with the proper staff with experience for my son. They had one of their staffs documented a bogus m.u.i. On me, and i had to be taken out of the house during the investigation. I was taken out of the house about three and a half weeks with no income coming in. I really suffered financially my rent, and my car payment was being compromised, and bill collectors was calling me each and every day. Prior to me being taken out of the house, the agency suddenly realizes that they no longer can handle, and provide services for my son. The agency gave my wife thirty days to fine another agency for my autistic son.

The third agency was a friend of my wife’s friend, she just started out with her relatively small agency, she’s the ceo of this agency and we thought we’ll give her a chance since we only had a little time to find another agency for our son which was only thirty days. It was the worst decision we made. Her staff she had working with my son was inexperienced, and they all didn’t have a clue on how to give his medication properly the way his doctors prescribed for my son. This agency didn’t even have a nurse to come out and check my son’s vitals at least one day out of the week. The ceo did say it will be a nurse to administer my son’s medication three times a day, but that never happened. It was just a lie. Her staff employees consist of her brother, son, niece, and her friends. The ceo of the agency and her staff didn’t know how to redirect him when he had his really bad aggressive behaviours. He had to move because they let him destroy his apartment beyond recognition. It was so much destruction in his apartment, there was small, medium, large, and extra-large holes throughout the apartment. He tore doors off most of the kitchen cabinets, and he broke the cabinet drawers. He totally destroyed the stove, the microwave, the dining room table and a extra table he had in the dining room, and the dining chairs. He ripped doors from the hinges, he busted out the windows in his bed room on two different occasions. He pulled the water valve below the toilet from the wall, there was water everywhere. He broke light fixtures in the bathrooms, and the bed rooms. He broke the ceiling fan. He detached the electrical cord from the tv and it had to be trashed. He tore his mattress, and box mattress apart, and he tore up the replacement mattress, and box mattress as well. All of this destruction was taken place since I was taken out of the house with this agency my guess is they felt I was a threat to them so they came up with a bogus documentation write up against me. The disciplinary action was a three-week suspension; the next step would be a termination. Guess what i didn’t return back to work, because I didn’t trust her after that. I didn’t want to give her the chance to terminate me so I terminated myself from her agency. My son has two on one staffing 24/7 and yet the two on one staff can’t redirect my son. When I was working with my son along, i did better than this agency two on one staff did by redirecting my son properly and not having my son cause so much property destruction in his apartment. As a result of this non prevention measures on the agency behalf, the complex rental office told my wife and i that our son had to move in forty-five days. This agency has caused so much chaos and misfortune for my son, and me and my wife.

It’s obvious to me, and suspicious that this agency was not doing what they were supposed to do which is to protect and keep my son safe, and at lease make an effort to prevent so much property destruction in his apartment. Me and my wife decided to terminate this agency services. We had to wait thirty days to finally do away with this agency for good, and believe me it was a nightmare. My wife is the guardian of my son, my son is nonverbal, mind you i was the eyes, the ears, the voice and the advocate for my son. My son couldn’t tell me and my wife what was going on in his apartment, and if he’s being treated right or not.

This third agency in question was not sincere although they wanted me and my wife to think there were. Instead they were liars, untrustworthy and were conspiring against me and my wife. The ceo of this agency under mined my wife, and she’s the mother, and the guardian, and under mined me, and I’m the father. Me and my wife didn’t get the respect from the ceo of this agency or from the employees. This agency conducted their service in a pretentious, and unprofessional manner for my autistic son’s care, and safety. I been taken care of my son for twenty-seven years, i know his temperament, and personality, and behaviour better than anyone beside his mother. An associate from this agency mentioned that they were not in this care provider field for the money, but they were doing it for the love and care from their hearts for their clients. The deception and the manipulation was obvious, and crystal clear to us that they were not the right agency for our autistic son. Initially there was no honesty, and integrity felt with this agency, me and my wife was totally uncomfortable with their mythology of care for my disabled austic son. My son is nonverbal and cannot verbalized his true feelings.

This is the forth agency, on the date of October the 28th, I was at the agency office for a meeting. The owner of the agency wanted to talk to me. He informed to me that there were incident reports about me in my son’s house, and he suggested to me that I will be taken out of the house as of today, and I will be put into another house. That was not in the plan, I thought I made it clear that, I only wanted to work with my son in his apartment. Again my son is nonverbal, and I’m the eyes, the ears, and the voice, and the advocate for my son. That same day my wife gave the agency their recommended thirty-day notice to terminate their service. I called and left a message on the owner of the agency voicemail. He returned my call on the date of October the 29th. I asked him what is the incident reports about, and he replied “the staff wrote an incident report that I refused to let the staff give my son’s medication according to the mar prescribe by his doctor” which this is a bogus accusation. I called my son’s caseworker, and I left a message on his voicemail. When my son case worker returned my call to my wife, I mention to him about the bogus incident report, and accusation I got from the agency owner. And my son’s caseworker began to tell me that he received an e-mail from the agency that I snatched medication out of the staff hand which was a bogus, and fictitious lie. I strongly agree it is totally unfair to my son that we have to move on again, because of this agency lies. Now you know this is the fourth agency that me and my wife had to terminate. Me and my wife is so disgusted we’re thinking about reporting our story to channel 10 news because we want justification.

In the month of September, a former staff member from the first agency that we terminated their services came by my son’s house. My question is how did he know where my son lived to begin with. He actually confirmed to me about the fourth agency, and said they were good, and mention to me where they were located on north high street. I think the agencies that we terminated are all communicating with one another about my son, and my wife and i, and that is a confidentiality violation of hipaa. I also have a feeling people are working in my son’s house as staff from the agencies that my wife and i terminated their service, and their main goal is to deliberately sabotage, and disrupt the quality of care for my son in his apartment. When i last talked with my son’s caseworker he said it seems to be a pattern because of the fact of us going to different agencies, and these agencies documented that my son acts up more when I’m around him which is a lie. Quite the contrary he acts up more when I’m not around him and certainly he has more damages in his apartment when I’m not present in his house with him. The proof is in his apartment with more damages, and this is an undeniable pattern. Every time I’m wrongfully, and unfairly taken out of my son’s house due to lies, and deception the destruction, and damages in his apartment increases. I want god to guide us in the right direction, and bless us with the right care provider agency for my son that will be honest, and trustworthy. We want an agency to respect our wishes to work with our son in his house, and continue to be the eyes, ears, voice, and the advocate for our son.

Please I urge all parents with a child with disabilities of autism or any other disability impairment, to be extremely cautious, and be aware of who you have care for your child. My heart goes out to you and I can sympathize, and relate to you and feel your pain. My wife and I went through a lot with many different care provider agencies. I just want to let as many parents with special need children to know me and my wife negative experiences we had with these so call home health care provider agencies, and my son’s amazing testimony, god is so awesome. I want to share my story, and I want my voice and words to echo around the world, I want to enlighten all parents with children with special needs, so they don’t have to go through what me and my wife went through with our autistic son with special needs. Don’t get me wrong not all home health care provider services are bad there are some good ones out there, I just strongly suggest you be extremely cautious on the agency you choose for your autistic child with disabilities, or whatever disabilities your child may have. Do your research on these agencies because your child is your first priority? I love my son, I care and protect my son, I do everything for my son, I live eat sleep for my son, I work for my son, and I provide for my son, I design and create my artwork for my son, he’s my companion, my best friend. My son is autistic, and I’m artistic. I do all things through lord Jesus Christ god has blessed me with a special talent, and blessed me with a special child. God gave me strength, wisdom, and knowledge to carry on during these difficult times.

I was part of the staff taking care of my son in his apartment for years, when my son was in the hospital there was no income coming in. Our bills were very much behind. Bill collectors was calling me every day, my rent, and my car payment was being compromised. We were going through a serious financial burden, and we’re still trying to get our finance back on track. Any donations would be profoundly appreciated.

My son little Alonzo was in the hospital in i.c.u. For six weeks. He initially was taken to the emergency room for adjusting his medications, and evaluating, and monitoring him. It was unsafe for him to be at home because of his explosive behaviour with extreme aggression. We had to take precautions to avoid him from hurting himself, his staff and others. He was causing property destruction in his apartment with uncontrollable aggression so we decided to take him to Ohio state university emergency room. He was later transported to i.c.u. Because of complications. As time went on he ended up with pneumonia, and mercer in i.c.u. He was in i.c.u. With a breathing tube fighting for his life, he didn’t understand and know how important it was to at least make an effort to cough up some of the fluids out of his chest, he just didn’t know how. He was so innocent and vulnerable in this unfortunate situation. He couldn’t be on the breathing tube more than twenty-one days so the doctors removed the breathing tube and suggest a tracheotomy procedure. Me and my wife didn’t want that for my son; because of our son being autistic. We didn’t think that would be suitable for him. In spite of what happen in i.c.u. With my son almost losing his life, my son was treated so badly when he had to go back to the hospital for medical attention for instance if he had a tooth ache, a twenty-four-hour virus or if he was in pain they refused to examine him, to see if there were any potential problems instead they put him in a isolation room as if he was an animal. He stayed in the isolation room for a while and they sent him home without any doctors thoroughly checking him out, because of the i.c.u. Scare. When he goes to the emergency room that is the hospital plan to put him in the isolation room, and that is totally unfair for an autistic child that can’t verbalized if he’s in pain. My son has been through a lot, and he deserve peace in his life.

Me and my wife prayed for a miracle for our son. We pray for him to be healed every day. You don’t really know what it’s like to have a disable, special, autistic child. My son is nonverbal, and he can’t tell you if he hurt or have pain. This is what we have to go through on a day to day basis. We want our son to be blessed and healed, we want our family to be blessed, and we want our finances to be blessed as well. Me and my wife had to repair broken windows, fix holes in the walls, and replace items in his apartment. The car financial people has threatened us about our car payment being behind. Our car was at the verge of being taken from us. We have reached out to different resources, but didn’t have any success. Me and my wife depend on our vehicle to get our son to and from his doctor appointments, and if we have to take him to the emergency room for medical attention and treatment. Our transportation is very much essential to us for the purpose of our son.

I’m open for ideas and suggestions, on being an independent care provider for my son. If possible renting, or owing a double with my son living on one side and my wife and i living on the other side. I don’t know how to start or what to do. It’s so hard and difficult to find good quality help for my autistic son. We want real experience people working with our son under me and my wife supervision.

God is an awesome god he won’t give you more than you can handle. No weapon formed against my son, my entire family, and our finances shall prosper in Jesus name covered in his blood.

I never realized how close, I can get to losing my apartment, my car, and literally everything I own all because of someone lying on me. When i see a homeless person on the street, I don’t judge them only god can do that, because ultimately you don’t know what lead them to that unfortunate situation. I feel that homeless person pain, because i came so close to having nothing, i can relate to them more than ever now. You can have everything one day, and have nothing the next. Don’t take things for granted in life. If I had my last couple of dollars in my pocket and a homeless person was asking for money to get something to eat or to find shelter i would give it to that person with no hesitation what so ever. We’re all god’s children, and it’s a great feeling giving to someone who’s less fortunate. Please if you can find it in your heart to send a donation to help us out, it would be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance, and may god bless you!

Mr. Alonzo Cleveland Jr

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