I was reliving the entire ordeal

Before I began kindergarten and til I  was in 3rd grade, I was raped/molested almost daily by my stepfather. 

At the time I thought I was doing something wrong to "attract" that type of attention".  And when I say rape, I mean full on rape by an evil man in his early 40's.  At one point my mother would work in a different town that was almost 2 hours away, so my brother, who was 2 years older than me, and I had to live with this evil man during the weeks.  

I was desperate for attention

I tasted Hell on earth, I only experienced the tip of the iceberg but I never want to go to Hell because of what I went through.

Going into high school I was desperate for attention, I was also the girl that would just say "there is no God."( I didn't really have a relationship with my dad).

I was exposed to things little kids should never be exposed to

When I was a little kid, growing up in north Chicago, Illinois  I was exposed to things little kids should never be exposed to.

Abuser got healed and saved

When a person comes to Jesus he becomes a new creation. That person will show a change often forgiveness.

I was watching a testimony on YouTube not so long ago. It was a man named Fieldy from the rock group KORN. When he got saved, it took him a year to say sorry to all the people that he had hurt, this man was a new creation.

Hell on Church Street

My name is Charles Dudrey the author of “Hell on Church Street” My story begins ten years before my birth with the life of my mother during the close of the great depression. At eight years old I was nearly beat to death by my father sending me to the hospital barely clinging to life with head trauma. 

The fall of the same year my mother was shot to death, murdered in the kitchen of our home.

My life story of abuse

The evil fortuneteller’s voice rang out, slicing me like a knife, cutting deep into my soul. "GIVE HER TO ME…IF SHE WAS ON MY SIDE, AND WORK WITH ME, WE CAN HAVE STRONGER POWER AND WORK MUCH EVIL AGAINST PEOPLE, WORKING CURSES.” He was looking at me with his dark, beady little eyes as if they were piercing right through me. I pulled back and held onto my mother’s hand tightly. I cried out, “No!” with a loud voice. My mother just stood there, saying nothing in my defense. The silence was loud. Why wasn’t my mother protecting me?

If I suffer now, big deal. It will make me stronger for what is ahead.

Recently my best friend, Penelope, posted her absolutely incredible testimony on this website about her healing from an 11-year addiction with masturbation and suggested I posted mine. My first thoughts were that I have had no KABOOOOOM of God in my life, so nothing interesting for anyone to read. Most of all, I’ve had no pretty conclusions, but I realised something even more hot than that. If you endure to the end of my life story, you shall find out what that is.

My life was filled with Drugs, Crime & Tragedies - Jesus has Changed my life

I’m Alberto, my life was filled with Drugs, Crime & Tragedies “Jesus has Changed my life”

I was born in a poor area of Mexico City to a family with an abusive father, my parents divorced when I was 3yrs old, I'm the only boy between 4 sisters. 

My mother took my sisters & I to live with her sister who was married and had same amount of kids on her own, we lived in a 2 room house a small kitchen the 2nd room was a small 5x5 meters where we all lived, 10kids & 3 adults, my bed was a small piece of carpet for 4yrs.


By: Bunny Klassen

I started my life unwanted, the product of a relationship my mother had between marriages. I took my first beating at 10 months old at the hands of the babysitter my mother had boarded me with. Shortly thereafter my half sister, (who was 2 years older than me), was kidnapped by her father from my grandmother's house while my mother was out shopping. My grandfather accepted money to help her father and held my grandmother at gun-point so he could take her.  

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