If you would have told me that someday I would be clean and sober I would have probably told you to F*** off!

If you would have told me just over ten years ago that someday I would be clean and sober, free from drug and alcohol abuse, I would have laughed at you. If you would have told me as well that my entire life would be changed through the power of Jesus Christ, I would have probably told you to F*** off!

What does alcohol taste like?

Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Haley, I'm 16 years old, a junior in high school, homeschooled, and dual enrolled in college. I live with my aunt and uncle (my mother died when I was 4 from addiction, and my father has no legal rights to me). I've always been considered "popular" amongst students in my large homeschool group (maybe over 500 students). I'm a confirmed Catholic, go to church every Sunday, participate in a youth group, in a 4H club, smart, straight A's. I've always known all the prayers in church by rote memorization- I never paid attention to what they might mean.

My struggle was very much a secret one

Hi! My name is Wilson Jr and I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since as early as I can remember (which is around age 5) my main compulsion has been a same sex attraction and generally sexual perversion and addiction in various forms (pornography, masturbation, voyeurism, fetishes, gender confusion…). Truth be told, I’ve been very confused about my struggles and I have over the years talked to more people than I can remember in an attempt to heal. I have seen my struggles wane, progress and even mutate over the years.

I was desperate for attention

I tasted Hell on earth, I only experienced the tip of the iceberg but I never want to go to Hell because of what I went through.

Going into high school I was desperate for attention, I was also the girl that would just say "there is no God."( I didn't really have a relationship with my dad).

My job was stressful I would smoke

I was addicted to cigarettes . I thought I needed them because I would have people getting on my nerves and I would smoke.

My job was stressful I would smoke. I couldn't control my anger at work because I had been passed over for a promotion well my boss had it out for me I was demoted. I kept praying I had to go n work at a smaller job then what I had been promised... she promised me the job then turned around and gave it to someone else.

Alcoholic Delivered

A man who was in my church was a recovering alcoholic and hadn't had a drink for quite a few years. He told me that he hadn't had a drink but he could taste the drink rum and black, he said he didn't even drink this drink, but it got so bad that he was asking people to smell his breath.

Justin’s Mask-erade

A brief biography of Justin Lippiatt © 2010

I wasn’t a bad kid. I was shy, and I suppose one could say…cautious. I was part of the ‘in’ group during Primary School, but things changed when I went to boarding school. Suddenly I was in High School, alone and vulnerable and 1000 kilometres from home.

I have been addicted to masturbation

I’m Penelope. .... I am living proof that God is real, all-knowing and one hell of a powerful God. I have been addicted to one of the most invisible sins for as long as I can remember masturbation.

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