My job was stressful I would smoke

I was addicted to cigarettes . I thought I needed them because I would have people getting on my nerves and I would smoke.

My job was stressful I would smoke. I couldn't control my anger at work because I had been passed over for a promotion well my boss had it out for me I was demoted. I kept praying I had to go n work at a smaller job then what I had been promised... she promised me the job then turned around and gave it to someone else.


Before I was Christian my life was messed up with a lot of things but the main thing that made me feel empty was my dad left me when I was young. I got the chance to see him in 2001.
I went and met my dad at the airport it was the best time of my life, I was so happy my dad was back But I should have known it was too good to be true.
I got to see my dad for 3 hours before he rang my mum and said come get them my younger brother was with me at the time.

God granted me 3 job offers

God has been awesome in my life. If I count from now until eternity, I cant count his goodness in my life. He is an all-sufficient God. Last year, God granted me 3 job offers.... before I was done asking he had provided them. This year, I trusted him for admission into a master’s program.... and the Lord did it. The bible says the plan of the Lord for us are of good and not of evil and he has proved that beyond doubt. My daily existence is a testimony that I serve an awesome God.

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