I was exposed to things little kids should never be exposed to

When I was a little kid, growing up in north Chicago, Illinois  I was exposed to things little kids should never be exposed to.

No matter how deep the pity, God is deeper

The Holy Spirit has prompted me to share a synopsis of my personal story so that hurting souls may know there is true healing and restoration at the Cross, where lives are changed from glory to glory!  I am well aware that Satan is the dark force behind every bad decision made in life (mine and others) and his agenda is to destroy the person with heartaches, or illnesses, as well as those experiencing the storms of life. His agenda is the same for those of whom he is master; maybe those you see as the perpetrator(s) of your pain (many times family).

Deliverance from the Miry Pit of Bulimia

My name is Marie, and I am currently a happy, well-adjusted 34-year-old with three children (number four on the way). Although I have been a Christian since age 19, I struggled for many years to grasp what full “surrender” really meant – and that God won’t work with a 90% commitment to change. I was not always as secure as I am today in my identity in Christ. Bulimia consumed me for 17 years, and I want to relate how God broke those chains and restored my health. It is my hope that my testimony will help someone else who is struggling with this bondage.

His voice was so far away

At the time I had a great job, drove a cute car, lived near the beach, yaddie yadda..dated rich men... was deep into mental anguish of torment from the bulimia, from the fornication... i had many 'open' relationships, some even got highly paid for some. All shameful stuff. Oh. I was trying to attend church on Sundays with a friend. Craziness.

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