car accident

I was in a coma for 7 days

In late 1999 I had just turned 16. I was out with some of my girlfriends on a school night. I had lied and told my parents we were going out to see a late movie and I would be back before midnight.

A vision of Heaven changed my life

Robert Sornsen
New Buffalo, Michigan

On December 26, 1989, I was travelling along East Road in Lakeside, Michigan, when a snowplough pulled out into my lane. I was going between 45-50 miles per hour and when we collided my 1985 Ford LTD was totalled. I was rushed to the Memorial Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan, where the emergency room personnel struggled to save my life.

He was smiling at me!

Hi my name is Kiko Morrison.
I'm from Houston, Texas. My experience happened between January 6th through the13th of 2006.

About 12 months ago after dropping a friend home after work. I decided to speed to get home. I was going so fast that I didn't realize the car in front of me was making a right turn. In order to avoid an accident I turned left and hit a tree. I belonged to a church and all, but only went when it was convenient for me. In other words (I was not right with GOD.) I don't remember much about the accident. But the place where I was taken to I will never forget.

My trip to hell after a car accident

I was in the back seat of a car with friends on a night out. We were doing about 55 MPH, and suddenly slammed into a tree without any notice at all. It seems that the driver looked to her side and as she did she slightly turned the wheel without realizing it. The force was so great that it threw the driver from the car and I was slammed into the dash and was jammed between the dash and windshield.

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