The True Story of a Ruthless Russian Mob Boss' Dramatic Redemption

Rami Samuel Kivisalo nicknamed Rasmus (b. 30.08.1974 Lapua, Finland) Rami Kivisalo is a former gangster and professional criminal who is known to have had relationships with the executives of the russian mafia. He openly confesses that he has been deep in the mafia circles. Rami Kivisalo has however never revealed to the public more detailed information concerning his contacts with mafia or international criminal organisations. He has refused to reveal any of those persons he had to do with while being a professional criminal.

My life was filled with Drugs, Crime & Tragedies - Jesus has Changed my life

I’m Alberto, my life was filled with Drugs, Crime & Tragedies “Jesus has Changed my life”

I was born in a poor area of Mexico City to a family with an abusive father, my parents divorced when I was 3yrs old, I'm the only boy between 4 sisters. 

My mother took my sisters & I to live with her sister who was married and had same amount of kids on her own, we lived in a 2 room house a small kitchen the 2nd room was a small 5x5 meters where we all lived, 10kids & 3 adults, my bed was a small piece of carpet for 4yrs.

Face to face with death many times

I was born in Tahlequah Oklahoma on June 6, 1962.
My parents were poor, hard working people. Dad, at the age of 15 ran away from home and met my mother. Dad was in his twenties and mom was twelve when they were married. By the time mom was 18, she had 5 children; three boys and two girls.

Dad was a carpenter He also played country music and fought game cocks both of which involved a lot of drinking and time away from home. As a result, I had my first taste of beer by the time I was seven.

Running the Streets

Testimony of . . . by this time, the sin in my life had driven me insane and demons of darkness controlled me. Voices would invade my sleep telling me that hell was my future. If I could just escape I would leave the country or at least shoot it out and die trying.

The Life Story of Skip Lewis

Sentenced to 500 years

I was born in Grant, Oklahoma on March 15, 1940.

My parents were poor, honest, hard-working people. They raised nine sons and one daughter and were married fifty-eight years. My family moved to Oklahoma City in 1947 to an area called Mulligan Flats a couple of miles North of the stockyards. My father worked for Wilson packing company for twenty-two years.

Runaway Heart

My Christmas wish...One of my favorite pictures is an 8x10 black and white photograph of me at two years old sitting on Santa Claus’s lap that my grandmother gave to me after my children were born. At the top of the picture are the words written in red by my mother, “I want my Daddy for Christmas.” The F.B.I. had found and arrested my father in California for several armed robberies and had held my mother for questioning shortly before this picture was taken. I didn’t get my Christmas wish, but I was reunited with my father 30 years later.

Physical abuse

Delivered from the bondage of Crime & homosexuality

I was involved in the Irish Gay community. I was also well known for dealing in counterfeit dvds, xxx, drugs and stolen property. I hope it gives courage to those that are struggling.

I am now 45 years old brought up a Roman Catholic, was considered "out" (ie openly admitted that I was gay to my family & friends) I was also a regular to gay bars & night clubs in both Dublin (George, Gubu,) London (XXL, Kings

A Life of Violence, Crime, and Drugs

My hair was very long toward the end of the 1960's. I wore an earring and a ring in my nose. I carried a crowbar and a meat cleaver, but later found a gun to be more practical. I used all kinds of drugs including LSD, speed, psilocybin, marijuana, hashish and alcohol. I rode around with a motorcycle club and wore the same dirty clothes month after month.

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