death experiences

To Hell and Back

From Matthew Botsford – “I felt this hot pierce in the top of my head from the back. Then everything went black.”

Matthew and Nancy Botsford worked hard and played even harder. They pursued life with gusto -- except when it came to God.

“God existed but that’s it,” Matthew recalls.

Dad - Jesus is here

By: Bob & Linda Thrasher

Our son, Timmy Thrasher, was born with cystic fibrosis. At age 11, he went to the hospital, never to come home again. My wife and I spent five of the longest days of our lives there at the hospital, watching our son die.

Timmy . . . boy, he was neat. If I could die half as gallant as he died, I think I'd have to consider myself a pretty courageous person.

Not afraid to die

By: Jim Sepulveda

The testimony that follows tells of a gentleman who had no need for God until He was handed a death sentence.

Victorious In Death

My brother, Bob Sustar, preached for 21 years before dying with cancer at the age of 37. His ministry touched the lives of thousands as he served as state youth and Christian education director for the Church of God in North Carolina and Virginia. He was a man of the highest integrity and a great witness to everyone he met. He loved to sing about God's keeping power through every circumstance of life.

I Almost Burned to Death

Church of God Evangel May 12/ 1975

When I returned home from the church on Wednesday afternoon, May 9,1973; my wife told me she smelled gasoline fumes. I went to the basement of the parsonage to check and found that a gasoline can had leaked on the floor. In a split second, heat from the furnace ignited the gas and it exploded. I was set aflame.

Sitting down, he waited to die

Ben Priest loaded a syringe with heroin. Slipping the needle into a vein with practiced skill, he felt a familiar rush sweep over his body. How many times had he gone through these same motions? Thousands, no doubt.

Yet Ben knew that this time would be different for this day, May 11, 1980, was the day he would die.

Ben wasn't taking any chances about that.

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