Justin’s Mask-erade

A brief biography of Justin Lippiatt © 2010

I wasn’t a bad kid. I was shy, and I suppose one could say…cautious. I was part of the ‘in’ group during Primary School, but things changed when I went to boarding school. Suddenly I was in High School, alone and vulnerable and 1000 kilometres from home.

Words dont express this only try

my name is chris.
since i have been set free of my old life i have actually had a chance to find out who that person really is. see a lot o us are leading very satanic lives, especially when we think we are doing good and being Good. thats just something we all need to know.
being where i am now i now know that God took me under his wing a long time ago when i was very young. my mother used to talk me to church when i was little, apparently when people called for deliverance i went up and thats the way it went.

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