Awful rumors about me

I just got a really weird feeling that I needed to tell my faith story. So that is what I’m trying to do.

Ever since I was young I never really fit in. Often being the odd one out or being teased. So around my 5th grade year some of the girls started to gang up on me. Well I could have taken them down physically but not mentally. A group of about 5 girls started some awful rumors about me. The spread very quickly as rumors do. 

I was broken and afraid

My life was a dark hole in the ground.  I lived with parents that fought, I couldn't look up to my siblings, I was broken and afraid. 

I hated myself & wanted to die

I was brought up in a christian home & everything but I never really cared about God & my problems slowly all started when I was about 5 years old.

I don't remember much of what got me to do the things I did I just remember myself constantly doing it. I remember being very young & going to my cousins house she was an only child at the time which means she had her own room & everything. My two sisters & I were always over her house, we were basically best friends.

I was desperate for attention

I tasted Hell on earth, I only experienced the tip of the iceberg but I never want to go to Hell because of what I went through.

Going into high school I was desperate for attention, I was also the girl that would just say "there is no God."( I didn't really have a relationship with my dad).

By 8th grade I was miserable

Ever since I was little I've been raised in a christian home. but not the kind you would think. this environment I was raised in only knew Gods name. 

We went to church like only once a month, and I would mess around the whole time. never listening.

Now when I was 2 I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. many people feel sympathy towards me because of this but don't understand I was raised knowing, so I don't know better.

Why call the priests 'father' when JESUS said to call no one 'father' except the father who is in Heaven

I was raised up as a Catholic and I remember at the age of seven I had a dream of Jesus holding my hand and up till that time I had a great love for God which I had picked up from my parents who took us to church regularly.

I hit puberty, everything went downhill

Hello, My name is Molly . I am a teenager and just like everyone else I have had trials and tribulations in my life. I don't think my case is special, just different.

From the age of 14 I have been struggling with depression, sexual confusion and suicidal thoughts. I can pinpoint the exact day this started.

I was SO mad at God for so long

My name is Colin, and this is the story of how I finally found Jesus. Before I start, I have to give you a little backstory about myself.

I went to a small country school until 8th grade, what that means is there were not many kids in the school. I was in the biggest class... of 6. 

My class consisted of 4 girls and two boys. Seth was the other boy in my class, we were almost instantly best friends because we were the only boys. 

I was exposed to things little kids should never be exposed to

When I was a little kid, growing up in north Chicago, Illinois  I was exposed to things little kids should never be exposed to.

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