Brenda. Amazing Grace

Why anyone would want to cut themselves off from the world, not speaking or showing any emotion and even stop eating, is a mystery to me but Brenda was that person - but she couldn't cut herself from God. This is Brenda's testimony.

I use to work in a nursing home and I invite school children to come in and sing for the residents, this time it happened to be on a unit that Brenda was on. The children began to sing and for the first time Brenda started to cry , I didn't bother to much. I thought it may be seeing the children, it often made the residents cry.

Deathbed Conversion

I used to work at a nursing home.

Annie was 97 year old lady who didn't have much time for God when she was invited to the church services sometimes she would come because she had nothing better to do but there's one meeting that didn't miss it was a meeting with God on her death bed. This is Annie's testimony.

Dementia man to JESUS

In 1999 I was working in a nursing home God used me to lead many to Jesus, one of these people was a man named Ted, Ted use to play the organ in  a Methodist church for 40 years, in those 40 years Ted must have listened to many sermons on salvation, but Ted was spiritually deaf , but God opened this man's ears and his mind because this man had dementia. Only God could do this. This is Teds story.

All three have gone to be with the Lord

Hi my name is Paul Rose

I would like to share how the Spirit led me to share Jesus with three elderly people.

The three I would like to share with you are about a woman who had cut herself off from the world she wouldn't speak or eat she was fed through a tube, this woman come to Jesus and spoke her first words were sorry.

The second was a 97 year old woman who was brought to Jesus on her death bed and who refused to die before she had fully repented.

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