My life was filled with Drugs, Crime & Tragedies - Jesus has Changed my life

I’m Alberto, my life was filled with Drugs, Crime & Tragedies “Jesus has Changed my life”

I was born in a poor area of Mexico City to a family with an abusive father, my parents divorced when I was 3yrs old, I'm the only boy between 4 sisters. 

My mother took my sisters & I to live with her sister who was married and had same amount of kids on her own, we lived in a 2 room house a small kitchen the 2nd room was a small 5x5 meters where we all lived, 10kids & 3 adults, my bed was a small piece of carpet for 4yrs.

Gang leader transformed

Rev. Keith Ivester
State Director
Youth and Christian Education
Columbia, Maryland

In 1989, I was serving as State Director of Youth and Christian Education for the Church of God in California. Each summer, we held camps for our youth and I foolishly said, "We'll take anyone. Bring them on." Reverend Dennis Adams from San Francisco took me at my word. Little did I know the people he would find as he travelled the streets of San Francisco asking teens if they would like to spend a week at camp.

This was worse than life imprisonment

Neivelle's brush with the law began when he was just fourteen. He became involved with gangland activities after his release from prison at the age of sixteen. By the time he was seventeen he had become one of the top gang leaders in Singapore. At seventeen and half he was involved in a major gang war which resulted in the death of an opposing gang member. He was sentenced to hang for his involvement in the gang murder.

From Gang Member to Preacher

God worked a wonderful miracle in the life of a teenager during our 1995 summer camp. Pete had lived a very troubled life. When he was a boy, he witnessed his father commit suicide. He became homeless at thirteen, when his mother kicked him out of her house. To find acceptance, he became involved in a gang. When he arrived at our camp, he was bitter, confused, angry and lonely. Little did he know how drastically his life would be changed?

i was born as a gentle and kind child

Hey all...i just stumbled in My life has been at least to say interesting...and when i saw what all you others wrote i thught id give it a shot to.

Its realy tuff to get it all together so plz exuse me if it might sound werid or wimpy.

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