god's voice

Stabbed in the Valley

One morning I got up and walked into the hall and I heard a voice that I believed was God say "How would you like to be stabbed in the Valley".

The Valley was known as the rough end of town, and the voice scared me a little, I wondered if I had done something to offend God.

But when I truly Seeked, I Found God

I was raised and baptized in a Mormon church, but the mother who brought my family to Jesus Christ had died of cancer. Our family drifted away from the church and my dad lost his job, our house went on foreclosure, our new house was broken into and robbed, and my parents wedding ring was stolen. One day out of the blue I decided to start reading the Bible. I had a desire to finally let go of my fear of Hell.

God's Voice through my Mum

On Sunday, September 30th, 2012, about a week after my birthday, I received a message from God. I was in my room vacuuming and my mom barged in, shut the door, and made me turn off the vacuum. I said to her in a rude voice that I immediately regretted "I'm trying to vacuum." She just looked at me and asked? "Kay, You ready?" At first I thought she was going to have one of those talks with me where she felt like God was telling her I was doing things I wasn't supposed to do. Fear hit me instantly because I had in fact been having thoughts no Christian should have.

Hearing God's voice

My story of hearing God's voice We all question God's validity until we have that thang. What's that thang? That thang is your thang in your life that proves God is real. Well my thang was about 2 years ago. I've always been a christian and loved God and stuff but I never had a crazy experience where like I could actually hear God talking to me and stuff. I know many of ya'll were like if God's really real do something crazy right now, but God doesn't work like that most of the time he does stuff that is like out of nowhere I bet God would be the best surprise b-day coordinator.

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