I was SO mad at God for so long

My name is Colin, and this is the story of how I finally found Jesus. Before I start, I have to give you a little backstory about myself.

I went to a small country school until 8th grade, what that means is there were not many kids in the school. I was in the biggest class... of 6. 

My class consisted of 4 girls and two boys. Seth was the other boy in my class, we were almost instantly best friends because we were the only boys. 

My life story of abuse

The evil fortuneteller’s voice rang out, slicing me like a knife, cutting deep into my soul. "GIVE HER TO ME…IF SHE WAS ON MY SIDE, AND WORK WITH ME, WE CAN HAVE STRONGER POWER AND WORK MUCH EVIL AGAINST PEOPLE, WORKING CURSES.” He was looking at me with his dark, beady little eyes as if they were piercing right through me. I pulled back and held onto my mother’s hand tightly. I cried out, “No!” with a loud voice. My mother just stood there, saying nothing in my defense. The silence was loud. Why wasn’t my mother protecting me?

It was very hard seeing my dad breathe his last breath

I saw my father, a healthy man, deteriorate rapidly in 5 months because of cancer. He thought he'd win this fight(he was always an optimist; he always found a way where there was no way). He realized in the end he'd die. I had never seen anybody die before and we had hospice for one week; the nurses told us what to expect, "signs of impending death": the change in color in the skin,etc. It was very hard seeing my dad breathe his last breath. He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart a couple of days before he died!

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