hell experiences

all communication are conveyed through thinking, no mouth needed

A Gate of Hell - Queen E. Dixon March 25th, 2007,on a sunny Saturday afternoon at 2:35 PM, I came home from helping a friend and lay down to take a nap. All of a sudden, the right side of my bed started to roll like a wave of water as I was laying on the left side of my bed. I did not feel the bed moving, I only saw it moving.Well, I am a born again Christian and I know to call on the name of Jesus when these things happen. So I started pleading the blood of Jesus over my bed then bam! I was standing up on the floor behind my bed.

I already knew I was in hell

I'm here to share my experience of hell. I used to be into witchcraft. Never had any faith in God. I was surrounded by darkness each day, had an evil spirit watching my each move. But by the love and mercy of God he took me out of darkness and showed me light and hope.

As Jesus pulled me closer to him day by day the devil tried to bring me back. By temptations and the devils distraction I started sinning again. Until one night when I was asleep I had this dream, something very different.

I went to hell and back

I knew I was going to hell...as Born Again Christian... I was going to see and to share with you...that hell is real.

Time -wise it was approximately 12-16-2011... I was in prayer... I descended down a long tunnel; three Angels initially escorted me.
One each for the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. But because I requested another  come and go before us... so another came and did go before us.  We reached the bottom of the tunnel where double wide gates opened, demons on each side held them open as we entered in.

My spirit went out of my body

At home,when we were kids,we had a house keeper who told me about God, she said that every thing is possible with him i asked "everything?" in my thought i woundered wether he can walk on his head she said yes i was very amazed because i didn't think that there was some one who could do that.

To Hell and Back

From Matthew Botsford

CBN.com – “I felt this hot pierce in the top of my head from the back. Then everything went black.”

Matthew and Nancy Botsford worked hard and played even harder. They pursued life with gusto -- except when it came to God.

“God existed but that’s it,” Matthew recalls.

I was taken to outer darkness

By: Haydee Cortes
My spirit left my body, and I was taken to outer darkness.  I began to feel the anguish and torment of that terrible place.  You do not want to go there when you die!

I was baptized in 1970 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, in a full-blown cultish "religion" which believed in God the Father as the only true God. I was taught by them to believe that Jesus Christ was not God, but a god created by God the Father.

I left my body lying dead

I gave my heart to the Lord and was born again the very first night I became bedfast. That was Saturday, April 22, 1933 at 7:40 p.m. in the south bedroom of 405 North College Street in McKinney, Texas.

A Doctor's Testimony About A Patient Who Almost Died

The following is an account of a real life experience of a Doctor attending a patient who suffered a heart attack, which almost resulted in death. Although not all NDEs (Near Death Experiences) involve experiences with Hell, the ones that do are a sign to us that there is more to our existence than merely our earthly life. To get at the truth, concerning what will happen to us when we die, we must turn to our Creator and what He tells us through the Bible, as well as what He tells us through our spirit -- or conscience.

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