When I got home from school, my first destination would be my computer

When I was in my 4th year high school, I used to be very spoiled and lazy. I never really cared about my grades since my only aim was just to pass. Every day when I got home from school, my first destination would be my computer. I would spend my whole night lazing around the computer instead of spending the whole night with my family. I would always remember the tiring face of my parents whenever I arrive in the house. I can see that they’ve been doing their best to send me and my brothers to school. That kind of love that they sacrificed themselves for our sake never reached me.

My life story of abuse

The evil fortuneteller’s voice rang out, slicing me like a knife, cutting deep into my soul. "GIVE HER TO ME…IF SHE WAS ON MY SIDE, AND WORK WITH ME, WE CAN HAVE STRONGER POWER AND WORK MUCH EVIL AGAINST PEOPLE, WORKING CURSES.” He was looking at me with his dark, beady little eyes as if they were piercing right through me. I pulled back and held onto my mother’s hand tightly. I cried out, “No!” with a loud voice. My mother just stood there, saying nothing in my defense. The silence was loud. Why wasn’t my mother protecting me?

My father tried to kill us both

I should have known that there was a greater purpose for my life. When I was still but a whisper of life in my mother’s womb, my biological father tried to kill us both by shooting her. By some miracle, we both survived. And the life I am here to tell you about was allowed to begin.

My life.

My Testimony about Hope

Sometimes, it seems, only friends can help carry you through.
Sometimes sorrow is so great you don't need to testify. You just have to acknowledge it infront of God and sit there. Just sit there.
My first drink was at a Halloween party in 2003. A few of my friends and I got together, were provided the beer, and we drank. I was known as this guy's drinking partner because I drank like him: one after another. I wouldn't let go of the beer.

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