Your Treasures Are Where Your Heart Is

My family never had a college graduate. I would give anything to graduate from college. I then thought that if I graduated from law school, they could never take it away from me. Then I thought that if I passed the bar exam, that would be a genuine milestone.

I was wrongly accused

I was wrongly accused of something, and my life was thrown into frustration and stress. Through the prayers of my fellow church members and friends, our Lord has helped me through this ordeal and maintained my health. He has also provided for my family and kept us close. He came with me the first time I was given a chance to speak for myself, and gave me the words to expose the liars and let the truth ring. The entire process is not over yet, and I pray and ask for prayers that God keeps the truth ringing loud and clear until this horror is finished. I ask it through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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