leaving home

If I suffer now, big deal. It will make me stronger for what is ahead.

Recently my best friend, Penelope, posted her absolutely incredible testimony on this website about her healing from an 11-year addiction with masturbation and suggested I posted mine. My first thoughts were that I have had no KABOOOOOM of God in my life, so nothing interesting for anyone to read. Most of all, I’ve had no pretty conclusions, but I realised something even more hot than that. If you endure to the end of my life story, you shall find out what that is.

My life story was misery and hopelessness

My life story was misery and hopelessness before I gave my life to Jesus Christ just two years and two months ago.
Before I met Him my life was revolved around violence, alcohol, drugs, many thoughts of suicide and worst of all total despair at every waking moment. I was abused in every form by my husband for many years and in return I abused my children emotionally and sometimes physically, I was heavy smoker of pot, I had an alcoholic in my home so I decided that I would drink too to avoid dealing with the violence and so many plans and thoughts of suicide.

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