Brenda. Amazing Grace

Why anyone would want to cut themselves off from the world, not speaking or showing any emotion and even stop eating, is a mystery to me but Brenda was that person - but she couldn't cut herself from God. This is Brenda's testimony.

I use to work in a nursing home and I invite school children to come in and sing for the residents, this time it happened to be on a unit that Brenda was on. The children began to sing and for the first time Brenda started to cry , I didn't bother to much. I thought it may be seeing the children, it often made the residents cry.

The Spirit fell on the church

After the Holy spirit had fallen on me the elder of the church asked me to preach on the anointing of the Holy spirit. I was more than pleased to do this because it was so fresh in my mind and in my heart what God had done.

On the night the church was quite full, I started to preach, I could see that all those in the congregation was listening to what I was saying, the Lord had told me to play a song by Cliff Richard called 'Discovering' written by Christian song writer Chris Eaten.

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