If you are thinking of doing something remotely occult DO NOT DO IT

Finally somewhere I can tell my story without the wrong kind of judgement. Well since learning about Jesus I realised I had been lied to most of my life by the greatest liar of them all. Unfortunately I have been exposed to the dark side most of my life.

Prey to Satan

During this time, my wife Poh Teen fell prey to Satan. Her physical health deteriorated during her advanced pregnancy. She could not sleep day or night though she was very tired and exhausted, the moment she dozed off she could feel her chest burning as if some one was pouring hot water all over her. She would then wake up soaking in her own sweat.

Feeding time a torment

It all happened in 1989 when my daughter Mingxiu was about 2-3 months old. For unknown reasons she started to refuse feed. She would not drink. She would not cry for food. Apparently she did not know what hunger was. She was very tiny and very much underweight. To make sure she had enough, we resorted to force feeding. One feed of 3-4 ounces could takes up to 2-3 hrs. Feeding time was a struggling time for the baby, and a tormenting time for us, especially for my wife.
We could not understand why the baby behaved in that manner. We consulted and sought many many paediatricians for advice.

I didn't know that the men were armed

Praise the name of Jesus. I bring you greetings from Nigeria. I come from Lagos, Nigeria. The testimony that I'm going to share today is the testimony of my conversion. It's a wonderful experience to know the Lord. It's something good to be in Christ.

I want to go back to my early days.

I was a Witch for seven years

From the time I was very young, I felt that I was different from the other kids that I knew. I was incredibly sensitive to things of a spiritual nature. Without having an explanation, I often knew things that I had no natural way of knowing. I knew there was a spirit realm, because I had seen spirits. Since I knew of their presence, it seemed only natural to seek what I could learn from them.

He saved his physical violence for me but everyone got the emotional abuse.

I started learning about the occult when I was 12 years old. Those first 12 years were filled with a lot of pain. My parents had an off and on again relationship - sometimes spending months apart, and then getting back together. When they were together my father was physically and emotionally.
He saved his physical violence for me but everyone got the emotional abuse.
Mother was not very strong emotionally and suffered from a mental illness.
Because of this, I felt she was never there for me.

I became intrigued with the occult

I was a Christian and had been for a number of years - but I was a broken man. I had lost everyone and everything that was dear to me. I had lost my wife, my self respect and most telling of all , I had lost
my faith... I still believed, but I had no faith! And so I began to wander through life fairly aimlessly - disillusioned with the Church, with God, with myself and with life in general - looking for answers but finding none.

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