ouija board

Ouija board child

In 1963 Christmas, my mom  gave me a gift that was to play a big part in my life. She gave me Ouija board, you may think that to be a bit strange gift to give a child at 8 years old. She wasn't in the occult or anything like that at that time a game board manufacturer brought it out as a game.

I took to it like a duck to water. Later I went in the merchant navy and managed to get quite a few people interested in it, this included a officers wife and the captains wife.

I looked for lifes answers in a Ouija board

I looked for life's answers in a Ouija board. A friend and I asked the "game" who we were talking with. It spelled out satan. Could we speak with someone else? It said "no". In short order, I lost my job, was broke and my unemployment checks weren't coming in. My cat bit a huge hole in my foot. I couldn't walk or work. A changed pain prescription almost killed me!

I found HOPE on the 700 Club on TV. I said the prayer with Pat Robertson.

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