God repairs my broken wall

Makko Musagara (Uganda)

One morning, as I left home for work, I noticed that a section of the perimeter wall around my residence had developed a crack. Within three weeks, the crack had expanded and the wall was on the verge of collapsing. Since all the money I had was already allocated for the most urgent domestic needs, I resorted to God for help. I laid my right hand on the crack, looked upon the heavens, and pleaded to my heavenly Father for assistance.

God scared away the thieves

One night I parked near our neighbor’s place. A brand new Toyota double cabin pick-up vehicle belonging to my employers. I prayed over it for God’s protection and I went to sleep. When I checked in the morning I found that all the lights on this vehicle had been stolen! As I was wondering where I would get all the money to replace the lights, I heard a voice, within my heart, instructing me to walk around the vehicle. As I obeyed and did so I found, to my great relief, all the stolen lights, together with all the screws, collected at a nearby place.

I Praise the Lord for my daughter

The Lord promises: Lamentation 3 v 25..The Lord is good to those who wait for Him and to the soul who seeks Him.

You know what was lacking

My name is Rose Yang, and I'm really new into this Internet thing...

I first looked up a subject for a college project, but I was curious to know if there were any topics on JESUS CHRIST, our Savior and Lord. Thank goodness I've found it, and I hope I can be part of all this by sharing and spreading Jesus name. Praise Jesus!!!!!!

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