Me, my baby and husband are HIV negative

In 2012 I was diagnosed with HIV,it was the most difficult time of my life.

I was in a coma for 7 days

In late 1999 I had just turned 16. I was out with some of my girlfriends on a school night. I had lied and told my parents we were going out to see a late movie and I would be back before midnight.

Something happened that I will never forget

Hello sisters and brothers in Christ! Well, where do I even begin? am gonna try to make this as short as I can. Anyway,about two months ago, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior(for the tenth time in my life), I will explain this in another testimony coz I have a whole lot, praise God! 

I started eating soap ...yeah I know

Hi my name is shirly, from south Africa, I want to give testimony to the good things which Jesus has done for me.

Firstly I what I'm about to say, can shock many people, and they might not believe, but it all started when I was I think 9 or 10 years, I started eating soap, yeah I know...... But its true and God is my witness, I cannot lie.

I ate soap as in bathing soap, especially a brand called sunlight, the green bar one, it was tasting so good, I even thought it had milk inside, I used to eat it, and eat plastic also so that, it will not be too strong.

When I got home from school, my first destination would be my computer

When I was in my 4th year high school, I used to be very spoiled and lazy. I never really cared about my grades since my only aim was just to pass. Every day when I got home from school, my first destination would be my computer. I would spend my whole night lazing around the computer instead of spending the whole night with my family. I would always remember the tiring face of my parents whenever I arrive in the house. I can see that they’ve been doing their best to send me and my brothers to school. That kind of love that they sacrificed themselves for our sake never reached me.

I discovered that He existed and that He saves, in many ways

I left an abusive christian home at age 17 to save my sanity. Although I had felt the Holy Spirit many times and was actually born again at age nine and a half at a Nazarene church my parents were the music ministers at, I had seen enough hypocrisy and lies behind the closed doors to know there had to be more and I desperately began my search to find it.

Every job opportunity that came seemed like God was just teasing me

I had always had a mediocre relationship with God that in December caused me to become fed up with. I was praying heavily for a stable job so that I could afford to keep the electricity on,  feed myself,  help my mom afford her diabetes medication when she has been out of work for years. Honestly I am in my twenties and I had not been able to work to help fund the family.  We were losing our home and due to the lack of funds we could not afford the upkeep. Every job opportunity that came seemed like God was just teasing me. 

Prayer Your testimony!!

When I was 25 I was suffering from chronic backpain. It was excruciating.

I was on medication to keep myself together and to function normally. I prayed one night there would be 2 angels beside me.I guess I hoped there would be one angel either side of me.

Anyway I forgot about the prayer and some days later I phoned a Christian friend to get her to pray with me. As we were praying to my amazement my friend got a vision of me with two great big angels beside me.When she told me I was stunned.

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