My life story of abuse

The evil fortuneteller’s voice rang out, slicing me like a knife, cutting deep into my soul. "GIVE HER TO ME…IF SHE WAS ON MY SIDE, AND WORK WITH ME, WE CAN HAVE STRONGER POWER AND WORK MUCH EVIL AGAINST PEOPLE, WORKING CURSES.” He was looking at me with his dark, beady little eyes as if they were piercing right through me. I pulled back and held onto my mother’s hand tightly. I cried out, “No!” with a loud voice. My mother just stood there, saying nothing in my defense. The silence was loud. Why wasn’t my mother protecting me?

I was raped by my employer

Before knowing Christ I was raised in an abusive home with an alcoholic dad. I was asked to leave my home whenever I was sixteen due to having a friendship with a person of another race. I lived in Tennessee so this wasn't unusual for the one town I lived in. After living on the streets with a friend I linked up with for a year, she was murdered. At that point I tried to get off the streets and went to work at a trucking company for a rock yard in which I was raped by my employer. At this point I called a high school friend and she allowed me to stay with her family for awhile.

My solution for all of this was to fight back

My parents did a great job in raising us, (my two sisters and myself) so I couldn't blame them. Both of my parents encouraged us to go to Sunday school and church, in fact they took us there themselves. My father was chairman of the trustee board for many years. He was a Sunday school teacher and sang in the Male Chorus at church. My mum was diligent in teaching us at home about right and wrong, and the importance of biblical principles being applied to our lives. Additionally, they seemed to have a great marriage, my dad modelled being a caring husband and my mum was a loving wife to him.

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