Why call the priests 'father' when JESUS said to call no one 'father' except the father who is in Heaven

I was raised up as a Catholic and I remember at the age of seven I had a dream of Jesus holding my hand and up till that time I had a great love for God which I had picked up from my parents who took us to church regularly.

Death seemed imminent

The young man was nearly 18 years old. He was armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, similar to many others who joined a rebellion on December 24, 1989. By all outward appearances, this young man meant business. He spotted me out of a crowd of 15 other young men and asked me to step out from the rest of the group. I obeyed his command and moved quickly to where he has asked me to stand.

I had grown up as a Jehovah's Witness

The following testimony was written by the surviving wife of Colby Buchanon.

Like so many people who are raised from birth as Jehovah's Witnesses, Colby struggled to understand what he had been taught as a child. Colby was a good friend, and he is missed by all of us at New Light Ministries.

My husband was a kind and wonderful person. He had an abundance of character and was extremely humorous. He was also skeptical of many things, including the beliefs he had grown up under as a Jehovah's Witness.

Why did you create me in this evil age

I brought up in restricted Orthodox Family, and in 20 years old I was afflicted so much, then I tried to be close from God, because I lost my trust in God and always compare him and his promises in bible, Always see that Bible is Wonderful, but we are in these days have not any blessing like we should.

Always amazed from healing, miracles, blessing, Holy Spirit Gifts. The Power of Spirit. the Power of Preaching, and I always fighting with Lord Jesus and Cry “Why did you create me in this evil age? without any Blessing, Why you did not Create me in Apostolic Age?”

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