sept 11

Fred prayed to the Lord for guidance

Fred Cina

Fred is a conductor on the NYC Subway system. He was on duty when the attack took place. His train had advanced to within one station of the Twin Towers when they were told to stop. While the passengers were allowed off, he was required to stay with his train. Electricity was turned off and there he stayed, below the earth for over 7 hours, with collapsing Twin Towers a station away, Fred prayed to the Lord for guidance.

As he prayed the train suddenly started

David Puma

My nephew David works in the North Tower of the Twin Towers. David was at work at 8 a.m. that day and went up to the ninth floor to participate in a company course. At 8:30 am he was given a break and decided to go downstairs and across the street for some breakfast.

While having breakfast across the street, the first jetliner crashed into David’s building. Panic followed, and David realized that God had ordered his steps out of the building prior to the terrorist attack.

They became part of a scene of utter chaos

Peter Bellomo

Peter was in his building when both jetliners struck the Twin Towers. Although some four blocks away, his building shook violently when the second jetliner hit and exploded into fames. He ran to the window and saw debris flying in the air. At that point, they were aware that a terrorist attack was underway.

I learned of the mighty way that God protected His Children

From Brother Joseph Bellomo of Local Christian Assembly in Queens NY:

You are very lucky you have parents that are Christians

Pastor Tariff Dill of The Spotless Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ in Jamaica NY:

He also works as a limousine driver. That morning his alarm clock went off, but he just could not get up. A little while later his wife woke him up; but again he just could not bring himself to get up. He finally got up and decided to eat breakfast before going to work. It was only after he had eaten breakfast and showered that he turned on the radio and learned about the tragedy. Had he gotten up at his usual time, he most probably would have been in the area of the destruction.

He helped this older man down all 81 flights of stairs

Brother Permanand Raghoo of Faith Tabernacle in Jamaica NY

Causing her to be 15 minutes late

Pastor Ram Mahadeo in Huntington NY:

His son was driving a truck to the area of the Twin Towers, unaware of what had just happened. Brother Mahaedo was able to contact him by cell phone and divert him before he entered the area into which the towers collapsed shortly thereafter. This son, who is in the Reserve, has been since working in recovery at the site.

I scheduled to work a second shift

From: Pastor Evon Carrion of The Church At New York City, a Spanish-speaking congregation in the Bronx:

His son-in-law, who is an Emergency Medical Technician, was scheduled to work a second shift. On that day, however, that second shift was given to someone else. His EMT unit was sent to the towers.

I got stuck in traffic

From: Pastor Michael Walls of the International Christian Believers Fellowship in Vienna, Virginia, just outside Washington DC:

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