I just tagged along

From early childhood, my mother would agree that I was one of the most timid people you'd ever meet.
I was terrified to speak. Outside of family (my comfort zone), I often never spoke.

Hiding behind my husband's coat tail for a number of years, he was good at socializing. I just tagged along. Were it not for him, I'd have never gone in the first place. I would have been too frozen to speak. Having him around took a lot of pressure off me. If I thought of a few lines, fine. But, otherwise, I could enjoy following as he mingled among the people, with maybe an occasional smile or two.

Enough is enough - I don’t fit in

My name is Damien, I am the author of this website (www.testimonies.com.au) and timidity, loneliness, afraid of the dark and not-fitting-in were my weaknesses when growing up.

I was brought up with non-believing but great parents who dabbled in eastern religious stuff. I had a go at reading the books around the house when I was bored trying to get into this, but the more I tried to see what people were searching for the more I got unsatisfied.

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