Jesus saved me from death

In the year 2009, in the morning, I was going to my aunt in the city of “Adonis” by bus, when I arrived to the main crossing in Adonis, I asked the bus driver to stop but he didn’t listen because he was listening to loud music, so I shouted and he said to me with anger “Why are you shouting at me” and he said bad words.

Jesus saved me from a big problem

When I was 16 years old, I bought a gun, I was very happy and I used to bring it with me when I went out. One day, in the summer, when I finished my school, I decided to go with my relatives to “Ouaynat” in “Akkar” in North Lebanon (the village of my mother). I went with my aunt and her husband. But before going to Akkar, my uncle decided to pass to a marriage in a church when my cousin Jean Chbib was invited.

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