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thou shalt not kill

After I was born, my father was called to preach God's word during the early 1950's. While growing up with a Christian background and being raised in a Christian home, I loved God and knew God's Commandments. After high school I was drafted at age 19 and went to the U.S. Army to serve two years. I went to Vietnam to fight for my country in 1967 and was wounded with second and deep third degrees burns to my body. I was in several hospitals in Vietnam and then sent to Japan. There was a lot suffering and severe pain from the burn areas of my body.

they made Rambo look like a girl scout

"I was almost born in church! My father was a pastor, and they had a house connected to the church in the back. Well, they did get me to the hospital and I wasn't actually born in the church, but close! As a child, I had only minor rebellion. I didn't keep my parents up at night. I thought I wasn't supposed to rebel, and really, there wasn't anything wrong with obeying their rules. I understood those rules were for my benefit. Haha, I ran away once when I was 15 years old! It was 5:30, I was back at home by 6:30! Supper was ready!"

mighty hand of God acting in battle

Memorial Day gives us the opportunity to remember the sacrifices service members have made in giving their lives for defense of our nation. It’s a time we love to hear inspiring accounts of bravery and self-sacrifice—the kind that increases our gratitude for what we have in America.

It’s also a time we see the mighty hand of God acting in battle to save men from death. In warfare, where destruction surrounds and survival is tenuous, a soldier knows there are times when the only explanation is simply that God saved them. God intervened and God sustained.

from sin - to sentence - to salvation

I guess I should start from as far back as I can remember. What I remember is hate.

I never knew my real father. My mother left him when I was five or six, I think. I am told he loved the ocean, drinking, and spare women - not necessarily in that order. As far back as I can remember, my stepfather, Jack, was with us. He used to beat up my mother on a regular basis. I always vowed that I would get revenge for this and for what he did to my sisters.

The morning that God became real

By: Norm Rasmussen

What a joy it is to know beyond all shadow of a doubt that there really is a God. Not just to believe there is a God and leave it at that, but to have personally experienced His presence in my room. That was the morning my doubts about God and Jesus Christ changed forever!

I am forever thankful

I am forever thankful to God for sparing my life in VietNam and giving me a second chance. The only thing that really saddens me is all those who DIDN'T get that second chance. I guess that is why I spend so much of my time trying to help my fellow veterans.

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