If you would have told me that someday I would be clean and sober I would have probably told you to F*** off!

If you would have told me just over ten years ago that someday I would be clean and sober, free from drug and alcohol abuse, I would have laughed at you. If you would have told me as well that my entire life would be changed through the power of Jesus Christ, I would have probably told you to F*** off!

A Purely white dimension

It all started when I took a choice to serve the lord the year 2009. I was at the age of 10 and came to Christ because I was haunted by satanic cats.

I think that the Lord saved my life in the year 2010 which followed after the air 2009. I started having experiences of satanic things after hearing voices instead of seeing things Godly things

But the things I remember are the look in Jesus´eyes and His smile

As I sat and spoke to an old friend about God one evening, my thoughts drifted to a grievous sin which I once committed. While it is true I had asked to be forgiven for this act countless times, I believe it had become a stumbling block of sorts.

Yes I do believe in God the Father and His only begotten Son Yeshua (Jesus). 

I was sent to hell

At 19 years of age I was sent to hell by the Divine Creator to repent for my sins and had the most indescribably painful and torturous experience of my life. I'll explain why I use the term "Divine Creator" in place of "God" once I explain the experience I had.

Vision - think again

I had this dream and it is a wake up call to show others how really narrow the path to life is:

I was on a very high mountain Mount Zion, and I was walking upon a very narrow ledge from the top level to the top which is city or heaven itself. This mountain seemed to have many levels much like a very tall building. The path was only about .8 of a meter wide and very high up.

Vision change my life

I do not know why I had these experiences only God knows the answer to that, and I’m nobody, I am sorry I have trouble with explaining things plus my grammar.

I was brought up as a Christian, as I got older I never thought about God ever, and I had no intentions of ever seeking for him it’s just the way I was.

Then one night as I lay asleep at night, I was attack by demonic forces; If they exist so does God and I turn to him for help, if they left me alone I would have not believed in God.

I went to hell and back

I knew I was going to Born Again Christian... I was going to see and to share with you...that hell is real.

Time -wise it was approximately 12-16-2011... I was in prayer... I descended down a long tunnel; three Angels initially escorted me.
One each for the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. But because I requested another  come and go before us... so another came and did go before us.  We reached the bottom of the tunnel where double wide gates opened, demons on each side held them open as we entered in.

Vision of Heaven

I had a vision of Heaven when I was 21 years old.

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