If I suffer now, big deal. It will make me stronger for what is ahead.

Recently my best friend, Penelope, posted her absolutely incredible testimony on this website about her healing from an 11-year addiction with masturbation and suggested I posted mine. My first thoughts were that I have had no KABOOOOOM of God in my life, so nothing interesting for anyone to read. Most of all, I’ve had no pretty conclusions, but I realised something even more hot than that. If you endure to the end of my life story, you shall find out what that is.

I was constantly striving for the approval of others

My name is Brandon White, and I have been a Christian for four years. I was fortunate enough to have two very loving parents who took me to church even when I was young and didn't know what was going on. I thank God now that they took me, because for several years, I never even realised that there were people who didn't go to church every Sunday.

I couldn't control my body

Hi all you internet fans out there. My name is Lorraine and I would just like to share with you what the Lord has done for me and what He means to me.
First of all He is my everything He is my all He is my life.
Well now, I give my life to Jesus way back in 1980 when I was just seventeen. I went along to Sunday school when I was very young, but when I hit my teens I rebelled against God.

I suppose I was a typical teenager I loved going to discos, and enjoyed drinking, and at this time I definitely had no time for God. But I praise Him for not giving up on me.

I could take it no more while lying on my bed

I was brought up in a Christian home, my mother had a great influence on my life she was born again and committed to Jesus. My mother went home to be with the Lord 2 years ago. My mother sent me to church twice on a Sunday, as well as this I attended the boys brigade so I guess I always knew that Jesus Christ died on a cross for me. At the age of fifteen I left school and started work. During this time I continued to attend church on Sunday morning, basically just to please my mother. My big aim in life was to be a disc jockey, so I decided that I didn't have any time for God.

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