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At a recent presentation, Simon Smith of eVestigator, in front of over a hundred highly ranked executives in the Utilities sector, Mr. Smith was surprised to see that barely anybody has given thought to the nature of Cyber Stress Testing, and the real definition of Cyber Security. With over 20 years' experience in Cyber Security, Mr Smith explained how to protect staff against the cyber attack strategies like social engineering at Secure Utilities, a Melbourne event helping keep utilities up to date with the latest ideas for securing their data and assets. In his Secure Utilities presentation ‘Cyber security: your people are your biggest risk', Mr Smith discussed strategies to identify and educate help desk staff, explain how cyber attackers use social engineering to gain data or access, and show how social media in the workplace can also bring significant risks.

Mr Smith, currently the CEO and a Cyber Forensic Private Investigator, and Expert Witness aka eVestigator, has performed roles such as being a master computer programmer, university lecturer, forensic hi-tech investigator, cyber investigative expert, social media intelligence expert, cyber counter-intelligence threat expert, white hat hacker, private investigator, and computer and mobile forensics expert and fraud examiner. Mr Smith is a seasoned senior analyst and former trainer of advanced programming dating back 17 years at Swinburne University, and started programming almost 27 years ago when he was merely 11 years old. He has appeared on Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, Sky News, SBS World News and the ABC, speaking on topics such as cyber bullying, cybercrime and cyber stalking, and has worked on cases involving high-tech crime, white collar fraud, identity theft, online defamation, IP theft, eDiscovery, hacking, cults and sex offences. Mr Smith holds several post-graduate qualifications in security, investigation, and fraud control, and is considered a Master in IT, a child genius and Australia's best cyber industry expert witness in any court. Are your employees your weakest link? The Secure Utilities event was held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne on 23 March 2017, designed to ensure C-Level staff are up to date with the latest thinking and technology to make sure their staff keep assets and data safe.

Mr. Smith is known to Australia as one of the rare few with the skills to singlehandedly not only be accountable for, but to actually respond, excel, plan, develop, execute and mentor and manage the information Cyber Security stakeholders in real life scenarios. Mr. Smith is a Digital Forensics Expert, licensed Forensic Investigator, Expert Witness, Seasoned Cybersecurity Expert, Mentor, Industry Advocate for the media and very successful at end-end problem solver and IT Expert covering all areas of the SDLC, especially programming.

Mr. Smith is up-to-date with the latest Department of Homeland Security and NICCS™ globally recognised Cyber Certifications on top of his 12 Post Graduate Certificates and Diploma's in the area which ensure Mr. Smith maintains, and in some cases, provides input to the IT Cyber security industry on protocols of best practice and currency. Mr. Smith has been programming for 27 years, and building his portfolio of true Cyber Security for 21 years' in industry, from the very second Mr. Smith turned 18. Mr. Smith has been offered to teach UK and US police/special forces, conducted many seminars and taught MBA students.

He has appeared in the top 10 Forensic Investigator's list on LinkedIn many times and currently is the highest voted professional in the running for the 2017 Cybersecurity Professional awards. Mr. Smith hold many Qualifications that compliment this role.

Mr. Smith is not only a Computer Forensics Expert, and Master Programmer, Mr. Smith is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Private Investigator, Commonwealth Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Qualified Trainer and Assessor (at Grad. Dip level), Training material Author, Public figure, iKydz Internet Safety Solution Ambassador and the media's go-to-expert for everything Cyber/Fraud and Technology twisting.

Mr. Smith uncovered an extreme amount of intelligence in the WannaCry ransomware and its variances that were out there and shared this information to the world.

There was an interesting interview which ran for about 12 minutes live on Sky News with David Speers and Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is not junior, in fact he is capable of cutting unnecessary costs and stopping unnecessary statutory fines, and growing innovative businesses and reducing costs, but growing efficiency and producing quality software products that avoid risk with extensive skills in security and risk management.

One thing Mr. Smith has is PASSION. When everyone was playing games at 11yo, Mr. Smith was making them! Feel free to check out his sites.

His success speaks for itself and Mr. Smith as a well known cyber expert is always looking for a different way to advance and help Australia. Mr. Smith has a very strong practical, public and Academic background in the ‘true' Cyber Security framework from application of design to first response and practical experience during, before and after a crisis, as a licensed Forensic Investigator, throughout the litigation process and from start to finish.

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